About Jess

JADANICH_BioJessica Adanich was born and raised in northeast Ohio and is the daughter of Susan and Emery Adanich. Jessica graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) in 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture. Her background consists of industrial design, graphic design, textiles, glass, wood and sculpture.

She battles herself with such issues as depression and anxiety, which was the inspiration for creating Journal+. Through her creative work and writing she hopes to help empower and inspire others to realize they are a wonderful, special child of God that deserves love and compassion. Depression and anxiety do not define us, they just happen to be an element. Jessica believes through practicing positive thinking and a strong faith, one can learn to fight against those inner demons.

We’re only human and being human is not easy, we’re not perfect. We have to understand AND believe that God made us each uniquely special, one of a kind human beings. God loves us unconditionally and hurts when we are so mean to ourselves with negative thinking, so we need to learn to love the work of art He made; meaning loving yourself.” – Jessica Adanich

Jessica currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio, with two English Angora rabbits, Ms. Penelope and Ms. Clementine.

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