J+ Project

The J+ Project is completely NEW! It is all about helping change the stigma on mental illness. Through raising awareness and sharing mental illness education, we feel we can help change the way mental illness is seen.

Every Journey Matters

Part of the J+ Project is the “Every Journey Matters” initiative! This is where amazing people are sharing their journey with mental illness. Here at the J+ Project, we feel it’s important to share our journeys with each other and the world as it benefits many individuals.

  • Sharing your journey can be an extremely therapeutic, healing and helpful experience in itself.
  • When you share your journey, others experiencing or battling similar issues often experience a sense of connection, that they are not alone in what they are going through and may help them understand their journey better. Shared journey stories that include things that someone has done that has helped them may inspire the reader to implement or try them in their life.
  • For those that have/are not battling a mental illness, reading someone’s journey gives them insight and knowledge on how they may help a loved one or better connect with them.

For all of these reason, we are a huge advocate for sharing! The more we share, the more we educate, the more we can break down the stigma and start creating better solutions!

If you’d like to share your story on the J+ Project, please email it to JessicaAdanich@gmail.com with the subject line of “My Journey Matters”. We never share your personal information, like last name or email address.

Ps. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your story on the J+ Project, we encourage you to write your journey out for yourself. As we said, it can be very helpful and therapeutic – I mean, we are big fans of journaling!

Thank you and we look forward to sharing your journeys!

J+Project Team

Visit the J+ Stories Page, Every Journey Matters



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Journal+: For Positive Thinking

Journal+ is a faith-based journal that promotes positive thinking! The world & life can be tough at times. Journal+ is your daily, active reminder that you are that special person that God created to be in His beautiful world.

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